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Specialty Cars is a used car dealership located just minutes from Route 288 on Anderson Highway (Rte.60) in Powhatan Virginia. It is a family run business, owned and operated by Bob and Bill Oglesby. We specialize in quality low mileage used cars.
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We went into business in 1978 in Richmond and then incorporated in 1982 and moved to Powhatan, Virginia in 1985. We are one of the original members of the Powhatan Chamber Of Commerce created in 1988 and are still active members and supporters. We are also members Of Virginia Independent Dealer Association and have been for twenty years.


We can best be described as a small, family business that cares! We care about selling dependable cars to families like our own - and we stand behind our cars and always have. We have made a good reputation for ourselves and have sold cars to individuals , their friends, their children and their parents. A good reputation and people that spread the word that we take care of you are things not often heard about a used car dealer, but we have found this is the only way we want or will do business. We are proud of our name and we want you to know that our family is selling your family a car and we want it to be a good car for you!


We always put at least 50 to 100 miles test driving each vehicle so we know everything is okay. We also warranty all cars and trucks for Engine, Transmisssion and Drive Train for 45 days or 4000 miles.

Please come and see us or call us at (804) 794-2961

Specialty Cars, Inc. - 1687 Anderson Highway - Powhatan, VA 23139-8009 - Phone: (804) 794-2961